I haven't actually been asked any questions yet. This is pre-emptive.

Contact me at jay (at) poweris (dot) moe if you have any questions.

What is this?

Essentially, a collection of all of the animations from various Cookie Run games that utilize the game development software Spine. (This is every modern game, aside from Ovenbreak.) I'm putting this all together on a simple page so that Twitter compression stops kicking my ass/APNGs will work properly/etc.

Why can't I see [THING]?

So, the main preview that will show up on the website is .webm, which I'm converting from .apng. This is for sake of fast loading/smaller file sizes, as .apng is lossless and very chunky. I'm not using GIF due to it only allowing 8-bit transparency, which Spine doesn't really like in the exportation process.

.webm files are transparent, but a lot of video players don't like them (if you download); I recommend playing them directly in your browser (take the file and drop it over an opened tab). Part of the reason I'm making this site is because places like Tumblr don't support .apng, and Imgur just inherently disappoints me. .webm is supported on all browsers aside from Opera Mini, and only has partial support on Safari and Opera Mobile.

I still have to decide how exactly I want to handle everything, yet, but if there's enough demand, I'll put up the .apng downloads. There's tools out there to take them apart frame-by-frame, but there's also tools to do that with .webm.

The .webm I downloaded has a black background!

Check out this page. I try to explain some things there.

Why is [THING] lagging?

Depending on how powerful your machine is, more detailed files could lag. The images themselves are all exported at 60FPS. If you're using a laptop, try plugging it in, and that'll typically help your machine perform better.

Where is [THING]?

I'm a full-time college student, and I have about 400 animations to put together per game. It's going to take a bit to get the backlog filled out. (I'm also going to have to deal with potential bugs in Spine, as well as other obligations I have outside of this project. Please, bear with me.)

Why does [THING] look off?

Spine is a finicky software to work with, especially when you're not the person who created the files you're working with. It's very possible I've imported data improperly. Shoot me an email about the image you think needs to be redone, and I'll try to get back to you sooner rather than later. Alternately, I can also just send you the raw .apng file if you'd like.

Why is [THING] not playing?

Some of these files are still very large, even with compression, and they'd lag on their own, nevertheless when all jumbled on a page. On browsers, you should be able to right-click and hit "play".

Why does this site look like shit?

Because I don't really care about making it super-fancy when it's essentially just a collection of images. I might fine-tune things as time goes on, but I hate using templates. It's 1998, baby.


I will not be posting leaks to this site. I will post unused/unreleased content (namely from Cookie Wars). If you want leaks, look elsewhere. In a similar vein, I won't tell you how to decrypt Kingdom files if you ask me. There are other people who can help you.


I'm hosting this with the help of some of my colleagues at YameteTomete. I'm hoping to host Symphogear XD Unlimited animations in a similar fashion...somewhere. Check back in later.


If you would like to support me, you can check out my ko-fi page here. However, the Spine license is a one-time payment, so there isn't a subscription fee to worry about. I'm just a professional ebeggar.